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eye4BW Admin
2009-07-25 13:17:13
We are currently facing some glitches and bugs and we are hoping to get it sorted within the next day or so. Thank you for your patience!

Pedja Pavlicic
2009-08-22 03:03:41
Hi, Perhaps we can use this thread to recommend improvements to the site. My suggestions would be: - Better resizing of photos, non-standard form factors result in skewed photos, overshrpening artefacts due to resizing. - Can't see the title of the photo. - Can't see latest activity on photos. Thanks, Pedja

eye4BW Admin
2009-08-24 18:09:31
Thank you so much for taking the initiative to recommend improvements for the site, this is exactly the kind of feedback we look for.

Scott Allen
2009-12-30 11:32:05
nice to see you back. what happened today 12/30/09?

eye4BW Admin
2010-01-07 06:46:11
Hi Scott, sorry about the missing content. There was some server maintenance. It didn't affect us for too long i hope ?

Scott Allen
2010-01-30 07:32:01
any chance of setting things up so that we could comment on entire portfolios? kinda like a wall for each artist. i find myself writing back and forth under comments on specific images. i love to spend time with and comment on individual images, but feel a need for a wall for general discussion between artists that may not relate to a specific image. just a thought. or is it set up that way and i am just to old to figure it out?

Scott Allen
2010-01-30 07:43:14
nothing like a foot of snow to get me to use this great site more. another idea came to me. it would be great if you could correct or amend a post that you have made without having to make a new post. i am hoping to increase even further the dialogue between artists. the site is growing and it should. this is a great site. i will continue to suggest things as i notice them. i hope the comments are helpful as they are meant to be.

eye4BW Admin
2010-02-03 06:51:52
Scott, Thank you so much for the input of ideas and enthusiasm.
We really want that kind of feedback. We are already working on a few new features and the commenting on an artists portfolio is in development.
Just like you we want to find ways to make people interact more. We are trying to build the community side more
Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Scott Allen
2010-02-03 17:34:06
i also wondered about the recent additions feature. as it stands now, if anyone post a large number of images at one time other new additions disappear without much time to get noticed. what if there was another page that held all recent additions for say a week? you could keep the space that is already is there on the home page with a link to this page of all recent additions in the previous week. just another thought. i find i respond to this section often and wonder what i may have missed. thanks for the email. will talk later

eye4BW Admin
2010-02-06 11:23:08
We do have that option on the main gallery page, you can filter out the last day, week or month.

But like you say with more people joining every day and more uploads those recently added images do scroll through pretty fast on the home page.

Thanks for the input.

Scott Allen
2010-02-07 06:18:33
thank you, i got it. i feel silly now. for some reason did not come intuitively to me. should have asked my 8 year old