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andrea de bonis
2012-03-03 23:11:45
hello everybody. i started few days ago a little partecipation in this site, posting some photos and looking at posted photos. my first impression is that the quality of the photos is very high, and that here comments are not somuch. this is a good thing if i think that in others sites the higher percentage of comments is written only for have an other comment back. is also a pity, becouse many comments are absolutely usefull. till now i never wrote a comment, becouse i had liked to understand if here suggestion are accepted, or not. i found a site, once, where the normality was only write enthusistic words.... an other difficulty, for me, is my english, but this is an old story. I think also that in this moment few people use eye4bw, this becouse i see that not everyday someone post a photo. anyway, i'm yet studing the site and the better way to give and receive something interesting. But i wanted to say hello and to congratulate for the nice photos i'm seeing. i live in rome, italy. by!

eye4BW Admin
2012-03-16 06:40:51
All comments are welcome on eye4bw, we encourage feedback not just praise. We hope that experienced photographers will take the time to critique and advise beginners who in turn should feel that they can ask any member for advice or technical guidance.
We were all beginners once and remember that the most progress came from talking to other photographers as much as from experimenting and reading.
Welcome to the site and we look forward to seeing some of your work